! Absolute Female Dominance !
The underground prison under the Queen's Palace in the OWK is a truly unique place, which must remind male creatures of hell on earth. They exist in utter darkness and damp cold, are fed dry bread and possible scraps, are constantly locked in heavy shackles, at the utter will of the cruel sadism of the Wardresses. You can see several scenes here, in the underground, where despair literally comes to life: the inexorable sadistic drill, swearing, chastising, the whipping of prisoners on the punishment trestle for nothing, forced thanks for painful, unjust punishments, grooming the slave bald, faceslaps, kicks and other delicacies. Every creature, who is considering a prison stay in the OWK must see this film. And don't forget - everything that you see in this film, you can experience personally here in the OWK ! The OWK is the true Empire of Dominant WOMEN !
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