Erotic Story Links

Erotic Story Links

These were FREE story sites the last time I personally checked them. I know you'll enjoy them as much as I do. *smile* Send your favorite URL's here.

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Adult Baby Library

Adult Baby Story Site

Adult Letters and Links

Akasha's Web...BDSM Stories

Amity's FemDom Story Page

Anne's Story Archive

The Aurora Universe...A Cartoon Superheroine Gone Kinky...

Baby Toni's Nursery...Adult Baby Stories

Benjamin Griffin's Erotica Page

Chateau Storyboard...BD/SM Stories

COMBATIVE EROTIC STORIES...Fight for your love

Deeker's Diaper Stories...Adult Baby Stories

Diaper Pail Friends...Adult Baby Stories

The Different Loving Erotic Library...BDSM

Elf Sternberg's Erotic Stories and stuff

Erotica by Julie

Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Free Erotic Sex Stories

Free Erotic Stories

FREE XXX Sex Stories

Fucker Tales

Gay Cafe User's Interactive Story Forum

Gay Erotica and more

Great Feet Stories of Foot Fetishers

Hard Porn Free Stories And More...

Instep Online Magazine for Foot Fetishers

Janet Spenser's Storyboard

Joan E. LLoyd's The Erotic Pen

Kinky Women Expanding Boundaries

LoneWolf's Stories

Lord Scorpion's Castle...The Library

Mike's Place, The Erotic Stories Page

Mistress Julies Fantasies and Fetishes Dungeon

MSO...Erotic Stories

Mule's FemDom Story Page

The Nest...BDSM Stories

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive

Planet Mojo...Erotic Stories

Princess Sheeba's Story Archive...BDSM

The Stories of Sabrina

The Sex Files...Stories

StarMaiden's Story Swap

StinkyBoy's Erotic Stories Page!

Tammad Rimilia's World...BDSM Story Page

The Transformation Story Archive

Virtual Feces...Poop Stories

White Shadow's Nasty Stories

X-Stories by Angela Preston

!!!Misty's Stories !!!

Vacman's Place! Vacuum Cleaner Stories.

A Night Out

A Story by Master FleurMal

A Touch of Heaven

A View From a Window

Adonis of the Highway

Articles, Stories and Essays by or about Kinky Women

BDSM: Silkswan's Secret Life

desert's library

Dinner for Two

Erotic Fiction By Women Bondage BDSM D/s

Erotica ..... Our Members WRITE!

Fall Foliage Fantasy


Gwen's in Trouble

Hired Help

Imagine a Dungeon


Mike's Place

Miss crimson

My First Lesson

Our Story - Part I

Poetry For The Soul


Princess Sheba's Story Archive

Sex Stories

Stories BDSM

stories by Duane Allen Gundrum

Stories by Morgie

Stories Written by Jennifer and Friends

Tales by Dravin


The Balcony

The Choice (M/F Chastity Belt)

The Diaries of Ay'esha

The Different Loving Erotic Library

The Erotic Stories of Tammad Rimilia

The Party

The Path to Inner Peace Fiction by Alex Martelli

The Pleasures of Lord Cardano


The Transformation Stories Archive

Top to Bottom

Work By Gloria Braume


x-stories stories and more

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