Master Wade's Slut Wife Slave Course

The Wife-Slut Course by Master Wade is put here for tutorial, learning purposes and also erotic excitement. There is a lot to learn from Master Wade's style of training, but the style nor the views do not necessarily reflect those of the people at The BDSM Garden.

Intro by Lily
The Wife-Slut Course came into my hands through a mailing list. It was a simple word document. Sorting through this huge book of text, I have carefully coded it into readable sections. This is a book in it's sheer volume. Bookmark it, and come back to it. Read it slowly and let the ideas soak in.



Part One: Rules (Defining the MASTER/slave relationship)

Chapter One
A: Rules for the MASTER
B: Rules for the slave
- General Rules

Chapter Two
Rules on clothing

Chapter Three
Rules concerning body positioning
a. General rules
b. Rules for submissive positioning
c. Rules concerning body positioning in the presence of others
d. Rules concerning body positioning for anal, oral and vaginal usage
e. Rules concerning the positioning of the slave for discipline and punishment

Chapter Four
Rules governing the slaves conversations

Chapter Five
Rules concerning pornographic material

Chapter Six
Rules concerning sex "toys"

Chapter Seven
Rules concerning sexual relations for the slave
a. General rules
b. Rules concerning the frequency of sexual relations for the slave
c. Rules concerning masturbation
d. Rules concerning sex with MASTER
e. Rules concerning sex with others
f. Rules concerning sex with animals

Part Two: Training (the training of the slave in pleasing MASTER)

Chapter One
The Importance of the Trained Slave

Chapter Two
The Goal of the Training Process

Chapter Three
Training Techniques

Chapter Four
Self-Image and Slavery

Part Three: Encounters (the MASTER and slave together alone)

Chapter One
The Role of the Slave in Encounters

Chapter Two
The Role of the MASTER in Encounters

Chapter Three
Announcing a Coming Encounter (MASTER)

Chapter Four
Requesting an Encounter (slave)

Part Four: Adventures (the slave sent out in the world)

Chapter One
The Role of the Slave in Adventures

Chapter Two
The Role of the Master in Adventures

Chapter Three
Announcing an Coming Adventure (MASTER)

Chapter Four
Requesting an Adventure (slave)


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