The Garden of Lord Koi and lily
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Slave Training Section
As a BDSM Couple going through training a slave, we dug in and searched for any available resource and guide on tips and help on how to succesfully train a slave.

In this section, we offer slave training help from a number of sources. We hope to fill this section with historical, practical and informative articles on ways to train a slave.

How to Train a submissive and other myths
Wonderfully written by Mistress Steele, author of "Extreme Space", she crafts an article that is truly a must read for submissives, Doms and most especially Trainers!

Book List
A growing list of some good books to buy while training your slave.

slave training lily
Lord Koi's own tailored course for lily to make her into the dutiful slave, her requests of her. Also, included will be lily's slave training diary with personal reviews of punishment and training techniques.

Training Doggystyle
While having to train our stubborn basset hound, we found that dog training is a great resource for training a slave. Practical suggestions and also some theories on training included.

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