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Task List FAQ
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Every day before I go to work I make sure to give lily a list of things to do during the day. The list includes regular chores and special assignment for the day. Usually it also includes special D/s related assignments that I expect us to work on before we go to bed.

So what is a task list anyways?

Basically a tasklist is a list of chores for the sub. However in the D/s relationship a tasklist serves as reminder for the sub of what should be accomplished during the day. It is a reminder of the Doms expectations for the sub.

Why does a BDSM Couple need a task list?

A tasklist allows the Dom to pass along information to his sub about what is expected. It serves as a tool to monitor the submissives obedience, and a way for the Dom to keep track of what he tells his sub. It also allows the Dom to record obiedence.

Is it very important to have one?

lily's answer:
On one of the channels I chat on it became a great debate that I had a task list. The Dominant I was speaking to told me I was intelligent enough to do what I needed to do to meet Lord Koi's expectations. While I agreed with this, I also knew my task lists enforced how my day should be managed. It was a way to help our Total Power Exchange.

Many couples find them unessesary, but we enjoy them because they are ritualistic and discuss expectations.

How do I start making one for my sub?

In a D/s relationship there will obviously be daily expectations and requirements placed on the submissive. All the Dom has to do is take the tangible aspects of those expectations and assign them to the sub on a checklist. Also the Dom should look around there house and see what they want done, then assign that task to the sub.

lily made a chore list for me to start ours. Items she must do daily and others she must do weekly. In her way she helps with the task list, but it is ultimately up to the Dom to shape the list.

Can I see a sample of one?

This is a modified version of our task list. I usually type the task list out the day before on Microsoft Word and print out a copy. lily can then manually check off the tasks she has done.

Task list for lily the day of (fill in date)
to be completed by 10 pm

Love Lord Koi
Wake up by (specify time here)
Make bed
Take a bath
Care for plants
Do excersizes
Limit on-line time
Call Lord Koi at 2 pm
Read 40 pages
Brush the cat


Over-the-knee spanking
10 swats with the belt

This task list is a very simplified version of what we now use. Those are some daily random tasks lily has. If they are not completed I decide on a punishment for each task not done.

Are task lists an everyday occurence?

lily gets her task lists on the weekdays. A lot of couples use task lists on when special arrangements must be made. One couple uses them as a pain checklist. Certain masochistic pleasures have to be taken before thier Master comes home. Having an open, honest discussion about task lists is a good way to start thinking if you need one.

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