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Presentations are specific body postures you are to master during your training.  They are meant to establish in an overtly physical manner my dominance and your submission. Just as one can never become the perfect submissive, one can never perfectly master a presentation, and you should always strive to improve the level of elegance and grace you bring to placing your body in these postures. The difference between a presentation and the same posture done outside of a D/s setting lies in the quality of the offering the submissive makes to her Dominant. At first blush one may just thing, "oh, well, he just wants me doggy style", but that point of view fails to recognize the subtle beauty that a fluidly-executed presentation exhibits. A presentation is a manifestation of beauty.  A posture is just somebody standing around.
Notes From DomLegato

For those in RL D/s relationships,  posture training often takes many forms and variations.  In Gorean training,  for example, there are numerous postures with unique names that the submissive is expected to master.  The postures  presented here were developed to provide the Dominant and his submissive a foundation on which they could fashion their own unique variations.  In my view, the sensuality and eroticism in posture training comes from the Dominant's patient application of his hands to the body of his submissive,  shaping and forming her by his touch and words until she is completely vulnerable, totally  exposed, and deeply trusting.

There are seven basic presentations in Quadrant Training.  Each places your body in such a manner that it is freely accessible by your Dominant, who can then manipulate it as he chooses.  Please click on the thumbnails for detailed instruction for each.  These will open in a new browser window. Please close that window to return to this page.



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