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Here are some of my Femdom BDSM scene ideas for play. I am planning on trying out some of these Femdom BDSM scenes. I am working on coming up with some interesting games to play,possibly involving slaves serving me.

Lady Donna Big Beautiful Gothic Bitch Witch Domme

My Little Puppy

I need a new little puppy to train. You sit there on a floor like a good little puppy. With leash in my hand, you are ready to be trained. You learn all the basic commands with hand signals. You learn to sit, stay, roll-over, fetch, give paw, signal to go the bathroom,and how to walk beside me on a leash. You are spoiled like my other puppies, with a dog bed and personalized dishes. Sometimes I like to dress my puppies in clothes, so cute. I also punish bad puppies, when needed.

Lady Donna Big Beautiful Gothic Bitch Witch Domme

My New Toy

As my new toy, you are played with as I sit fit. For starters, you penis is mine. You may not play with it, unless I give you permission. I will tell you how my property will be handle. You may not receive pleasure, untill I say how and when.

As my new toy, all openning are mine. I use them as I wish. Sometimes I must use my strap-on, sometimes a plug, and on rare occasions my hands.

When I am done playing with my toy, I sometimes need to put my feet up. So my toy must be a good foot stole. Also, they must be good at foot message. A good way of relaxing after I am done playing.

Lady Donna Big Beautiful Gothic Bitch Witch Domme

Sensory Deprivation

You sit comfortably in a chair with your legs spread open. Then your hands are bound behind you, and secured to the chair. Next ropes wrap around you, just below the knee, to the chair, so that you are spread eagle for examination. Ear plugs are placed in your ears. A blindfold with Bitch on it covers your eyes. A gag is placed in your mouth. Now your a little helpless Bitch under my control. I tease with my knife, ice and other little torments.

Suggested by Vistors


A investigator/reporter/snooper watches/intrudes in a witches ritual or a vampire. Investigator/reporter/snooper is captured and converted /transformed into their slave by magic


I capture or lure a male to my lair where through magic and behavior modification, I change him into my total female slave, and use him/her to lure others into your power.

Forced Service

I hand you a bundle of latex. You open it to find a hood and a pair of panties. The mouth of the hood is attached to the crotch of the panties. "Put on the hood" I command. Your hands are secured behind your back. You are pulled down as You feel me pulling on the panties. Soon You can taste my wetness on your tongue. You are helpless as You are forced to service me for several hours. You drink all the fluids I offer, You have no choice. You are not released until I have been satisfied.

I Caught You

I catch you masturbating to me. And I hit you with verbal abuse and alot of dirty talk while making you jack your cock. I tease you with my body , swearing at you, calling you names, flip you off while you jerk off to me and making you cum all over yourself.

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